• Employee Engagement
  • Community Involvement
  • Safety

An integral component of our Sustainability Mission is people. As an 85 year old company, we realize that our people are our greatest asset which is why we have incorporated social aspects into our Sustainability Action Plan.

We have set goals for Employee Engagement and Community Involvement. Local communities are important for our employees and our business, so we participate and assist in developments.  Safety has always been and will continue to be an important corporate goal of CKF.

We have established Green Teams in each of our factory locations. The Green Teams are responsible for identifying local projects that will benefit the environment and draw the community together. Examples include planting vegetable gardens and trees in the community.


We pride ourselves on a proactive safety culture which is reinforced and supported at all levels of the company.   We have achieved 7 years and counting of no lost time accidents in our Hantsport facility and over a year in our Rexdale plant. Great accomplishments, but our commitment to safety is on-going as we work towards a zero incident record.