The GHG measurement contains both the emissions from our production facilities and the transportation used to distribute product to our customers (see chart). The original goal, set in 2012, was to reduce emissions by 25% by 2020.   In the 3 years since we launched our sustainability mission, we have reduced GHG emissions by a staggering 48.5%. We have now increased our 2020 goal to a total GHG emission reduction of 57.5% from 2012 levels.Greenhousegraph

The remarkable success we have had in reducing our GHG emissions is a result of great teamwork driving change and continuous improvement on many fronts. We have made conscious efforts to reduce energy through education at the plants and offices. We have converted our equipment to run on the cleaner fuel of natural gas from bunker “C” oil. Our reduction efforts extend beyond the plants where we are shipping more efficient loads and using rail transportation instead of truck or air where possible.

The use of cleaner energy sources in combination with reducing energy consumption has delivered these great results and our programs and projects will continue to drive us to our new goal.