We have set a goal to reduce our energy consumption by 25% by 2020, based on our 2012 usage. We measure this as Gigajoules (GJ) per tonne of production. In 2012, our measurement was 18.18 GJ/ton of production. By 2020, we need to be at 13.64 GJ/ton of production.

Since 2012, we have reduced energy consumption per tonne of product by 8%. This is an annual energy reduction of 61,659 gigajoules, which is equivalent to the amount of energy used to supply electricity to over 5,000 homes for an entire year.Energygraph

The 2015 energy usage was impacted by a much colder than normal winter, resulting in a smaller energy reduction than planned. With the large number of energy reduction projects started in 2015, we expect a substantial decrease in 2016 energy consumption which will put us back on track to achieve our 25% reduction goal by 2020.  Projects such as: waste heat recovery, lighting upgrades (LED), compressed air reduction, energy management information systems, high efficiency motors and process optimization are examples of projects we have done or will be initiating to get to our reduction target.