Our goal is that 100% of packaging produced by CKF is recyclable and/or compostable by 2020.

In 2015, 58% of the packaging we produced was compostable and/or recyclable. Our moulded pulp packaging is recyclable and compostable plus our PET packaging is recyclable. Also included in the recyclable category is foam in the provinces of BC and Ontario, which report greater than 50% rates of recycling for this material. In order for a package to be deemed recyclable in Canada, greater than 50% of the public must have access to the necessary recycling facilities. In the US, greater than 60% of the population must have access to appropriate recycling facilities before a material can be deemed recyclable.Environmental Graph

We are supporting a number of projects to help increase the rate of foam recycling in Canada through direct funding to municipalities in Canada for foam densifying technology.   We also participate and fund programs through the Food Service Packaging Institute subgroup FRC Foam Recycling Coalition which promotes foam recycling and provides funding support for foam recycling technology. We are an active member of the Canadian Plastics Industry Association (CPIA) so we are involved in advising on policy and funding foam recycling facilities in Canada.