Polystyrene Foam Products and the Environment

In addition to the molded pulp, CKF is also the leader in manufacturing polystyrene foam products.

The Polystyrene Advantage:

Polystyrene has superior insulating properties which keep food fresh and help guard against leakage.

Polystyrene serves as a very strong and sanitary vehicle for delivering prepared foods to customers and is efficient to manufacture.

Polystyrene does not deplete Ozone and in finished form consists of 95% air. This low density material helps lighten the weight of truckload shipments which, in turn, reduces transport emissions.

Polystyrene makes up only half a percent of all discarded material. In a landfill environment, product across all categories break down very slowly. Polystyrene can serve as a support base for the overall landfill load, as its strong features assist landfill base.

Polystyrene can also be disposed of by method of Incineration. When properly captured at the appropriate facilities, Incinerated Polystyrene can provide an energy source with a 40% return.

In a 1991 study from the University of Victoria, “Science and the Environment – The Great Cup Debate”, researchers found that once incinerated, polystyrene left only water and trace amounts of ash.