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CKF Supports Canadian Plastics Industry Association (CPIA) in PS Foam Recycling

In addition to molded pulp, CKF is a leader in manufacturing polystyrene (PS) foam products. To learn more about PS foam, its economical recycling process and industry benefits, check out the video located on the right created by the Canadian Plastics Industry Association (CPIA). CKF is a member of CPIA and a proud supporter of their efforts in informing the marketplace about PS foam recycling.

CPIA is a group dedicated to communicating economic, social and environmental facts behind plastics manufacturing. They are committed to diverting different types of plastic waste from landfill through the use of various waste management options. CPIA has worked with the Canadian government on a number of ground-breaking recycling initiatives. Currently, within the market CKF serves, a number of municipalities have adopted the recycling of polystyrene products into the ‘Blue Box Program’. This polystyrene recycling is a growing trend. The province of Ontario is already accepting containers in over ½ of the municipalities.

Polystyrene densification projects and commercial initiatives are under way in several communities across Canada. Nanaimo, British Columbia; Aldergrove, British Columbia; Cochrane, Alberta; Markham Ontario; North Bay, Ontario; and Moncton, New Brunswick have commercial initiatives, or projects under way, that are densifying Polystyrene. The densified blocks are remanufactured into commercially successful products such as decorative mouldings and high end picture frames.

Join CKF in supporting CPIA and building awareness on PS foam recycling on YouTube.