Earthcycle ™ Granted OK HOME Compost® Certification for Europe

CKF’s Earthcycle ™ brand of moulded fibre packaging for fresh produce furthers environmental credibility by achieving European HOME compost certification.
HANSPORT, NS (Sept 19th, 2017) – Following closely on CKF’s announcement of European compostability certification, the Company is pleased to announce that the Earthcycle ™ product line has been further qualified for Home compost situations. AB Vincotte is one of the certifying bodies for European compostability standards and administers the OK Home Compost brand.
Earthcycle’s European Home Compostability Certification complements its existing OK Compost, Din Certco and BPI Industrial Composting certifications. CKF believes it is important to offer consumers and businesses with a full range of disposal options, so invested in the HOME compost certification. Currently, there is no home compost certification for North America
“We know that home composting is an effective waste reduction tool. Not only does home composting offer waste collection savings to municipalities, but it also creates an excellent growing medium for use in consumer’s gardens and a great educational opportunity for kids” says Brad Dennis, Vice President of Sales and Marketing of CKF. According to research and policy think-tank WRAP, over 50% of household waste is comprised of organic materials, so making certified home compostable packaging available in the supply chain will make it easier for consumers to reduce overall waste to landfill while supporting European packaging waste reduction targets.