CKF Announces $10 Million Expansion in Pulp Production Capacity

CKF is expanding its moulded pulp production at the Langley, BC plant to support business growth
HANTSPORT, NS (April 20th, 2016) – Leading Canadian food packaging company, CKF Inc. is excited to announce a significant investment in new rough moulded pulp production lines at its Langley, BC facility. The expansion will see an additional 65 million egg cartons produced annually.
“The decision to expand our production capacity is driven by our desire to help our North American egg packing customers keep pace with demand” says Ian Anderson, President of CKF. There is a shift in the North American diet that favors high protein foods, including eggs. According to Agriculture and Agrifood Canada, Canadians ate just over 18 dozen eggs per capita, in 2014, which is up almost 3 dozen per capita since 2009.
The Langley moulded pulp plant sources recycled paper and newspaper from the BC region and up-cycles the material into egg cartons and 4 cup carriers. All the packaging products are recyclable and BPI certified for compostablility. “Our investment in new production technology for moulded pulp is in line with our Sustainability Action Plan, which includes a goal that, by 2020, all our output is either recyclable or compostable” added Anderson.