• Royal Chinet

    Royal Chinet’s range of disposable plates offer guests the ultimate in design and function. Stylish, solid and reliable, they are the perfect choice for a dinner of elegance and convenience. The elegant appearance and versatility of the Royal Chinet range will impress even your most particular guests.

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  • Earthcycle

    Earthcycle™ is simple, natural, and down to earth. Made from a blend of wood fibres, Earthcycle is certified compostable, recyclable, renewable and is food grade. Environmentally responsible packaging to suit all your needs.

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  • PET & RPET

    CKF is able to offer a full-line of plastic packaging (trays and containers) within the foodservice, produce, grocery and consumer categories.

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  • Savaday

    Savaday plates provide a casual, yet classic tableware alternative for snack time and dining. Savaday is an attractive cream colour plate with a pinstripe rim design that can be used at home or around the campfire or with any relaxed serving situation.

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  • Dynette

    Dynette is your choice for ultimate strength and reliability in a foam plate. Our sturdy construction and ultra strong foam can handle the heartiest of meals with the assurance of soakproof resilience.

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CKF: Proud Manufacturers of Food Service and Packaging Products

CKF Inc. is a Canadian Company providing food service and packaging products to customers throughout North America. CKF was originally incorporated in 1933 to manufacture pulp fibre plates.

Today CKF offers a diverse portfolio of pulp, foam, and RPET (recycled polyethylene terephthalate) products for purchase and use in all channels including retailfood service and food packaging. CKF is Canada’s largest manufacturer of single use plates, under the Royal Chinet brand name. Royal Chinet continues to be the number one brand of choice with consumers because of its premium strength, its heritage and its reliability.

CKF is also a leader in a variety of other fibre pulp, foam, and RPET plastic products, including egg cartons, meat trays, produce packs, food trays, carry-out trays and containers.

Environmental Sustainability

Let CKF help meet your disposable tableware and packaging needs.

CKF has had a long tradition of Environmental Stewardship and social responsibility. In 2013 the company created a Sustainable Development plan with specific goals and targets. This plan is the roadmap to a more positive impact on the Environment and greater Social awareness while continuing to improve Economic business performance.